Certified Aromatherapist

Having had success treating the symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos disease and multiple autoimmune illnesses with herbs and essential oils, I wanted to make body and household aromatherapy products that utilize their properties and benefits and share them at reasonable prices. In addition to starting Blessed Necessities, and because of my interest in essential oils and herbs, I became a Certified Aromatherapist. I wanted to be sure that everything I made for my customers was safe and that I could educate them on their journey towards holistic health.

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Blessed Necessities is based on pure plant extracts and the highest grade essential oils. Everything used is all natural and organic wherever possible! Quality means everything! Blessed Necessities offers nourishing and healing salves, sprays, repellents, scrubs, balms, essential oil blends, roller bottles, cuticle oils and customized facial blends. Blessed Necessities products are formulated to give your life everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t!

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